We interviewed 32 people in the town of Lee. Some people told us about their work making paper, others talked about how the industry supported their businesses in town (insurance, hardware, etc.). We are working to use what we found to tell the story of this town and paper making.   The interviews were video recorded.

This is Erica Spizz, videographer, right, with director Judith Monachina.


We wanted to make this project a part of the community. We worked with students in the Lee schools (see Projects page).

We asked longtime Schweitzer Mauduit employee Walter Defreest to make us a model of the Eagle Mill, which we donated to the Lee Library.

And we’ve taken lots of still photos, through the seasons, like this one:




We also did some archival research.  We found many important items, including this worksheet, in the archives of the Willow Mill, now Onyx (right). (the only running paper mill)