We are working on Paper Town

We have come out of a long pause, and we are working to finish Paper Town. After discussions with people in the field, and lots of thinking, we decided how to tell the story of this town and its paper makers. And while doing so, we explore how a business […]

Our interviews

We interviewed 32 people in the town of Lee. Some people told us about their work making paper, others talked about how the industry supported their businesses in town (insurance, hardware, etc.). We are working to use what we found to tell the story of this town and paper making.   […]

What we are doing

  We visited Malaucene, France, at the foot of Mt. Ventoux, another beautiful place with a history of paper making: 400 years! Schweitzer Maudiut operated a mill here…. …and that mill closed too. So we decided to go and interview employees there, too.